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Testing Reverse mounted Minolta 45mm Lens
Testing Reverse mounted Minolta 45mm Lens
Testing the Sony A7II
Testing the Sony A7II
Best Apps-Everything
Voidtools PC program, Everything, finds files instantly Here is the help file for Searching
Research File Explorers [...]
Firelight Church Study Notes
Nice Android apps
AZ Screen Recorder Audio Evolution Mobile Pitch Lab Pro -before paid version
Gear Voice Recorder
I found a folder from this summer, when I briefly had a Gear S2 Wearable Watch. it did a good job of transcribing along with recording!
WIndows 10 User Account sManagement Notes
User Accounts, run “netplwiz.exe” View Routing Table, run “route print” See host file in Windows 10, under [...]
Dark Themes
Using the computers and devices in low light, or for extended periods of time can create strain on the eyes and be destructive for productivity. Here are [...]
Tick Tick Keyboard Shortcuts
Find a complete list by logging into, click on user name, select settings>shortcuts