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Windows Speech Recognition review
I tried this on a i3 computer, 4GB RAM and a SSD. It does decent user interface. The computer stalls when I open new browser tabs in firefox. Actually, [...]
AOMEI Backupper Standard
I am downloading AOMEI Backupper, after a few days of research on clone softwar. I need something to quickly reinstall my OS to clean up a messy system, [...]
Making Balloon Animals with Emily
Here is the second video I am editing with Lightworks 14. I couldn’t edit some videos I shot with my LGX phone, and the software would just go [...]
New YouTube Channel
I set up a new YouTube Channel for videos that I am making with my kids. I have been reviewing software to use for video editing, and have decided on [...]
Notes on my File Transfer Speeds
For a comparable speed, see my preference is MB/s (megabytes/s) not Mbits/s (mbps) Transferring on the Note4 from [...]